Wharton Conference on Liquidity and Financial Fragility 

October 18-19, 2019

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The Wharton Conference on Liquidity and Financial Fragility is an annual conference held at the University of Pennsylvania. The inaugural conference occurred in 2012 and we are now gearing up for the 2019 conference which will be October 18 – 19. The conference will feature papers by leading authors on the broad topics of liquidity and financial fragility.

Some themes covered in past conferences include: (1) Coordination failures, self-fulfilling beliefs, and runs. (2) Financial frictions and the macro economy. (3) Liquidity and frictions in financial markets. (4) Systemic risk and financial regulation. (5) Financial institutions, networks, and contagion. (6) Sovereign debt crises and their link to the financial sector. (7) The impact of crises and fragility on firms’ financing and investment policies.

The organizers of the conference are Itay Goldstein, and Guillermo Ordonez. A program committee of more than 20 leading scholars help select the papers. The program is a balance between finance-oriented and macro-oriented research and between empirical and theoretical research. We believe that the dialogue between the different strands of research is critical for a better understanding of the broad themes around liquidity and fragility.

On this website, you can see details about previous conferences and about the upcoming program.

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Registration is Closed

For more information about the conference, please contact:

John Galm, Administrative Coordinator
Wharton Public Policy Initiative
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