The U.S. Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee

February 9, 2015

Statement No. 357: “The Fed’s SIFI Surcharge: An Alternative Proposal

May 19, 2014

Statement No 352: “Limiting Systemic Risk and Too-Big-to-Fail

February 10, 2014

Statement No 350: “Regulating to Beat the Clock: The Final Implementation of the Volcker Rule
Statement No 349: “Data Breaches and Payment System Risks

December 5 , 2011

Statement No. 321: “Creating a More Flexible and Accountable Basel System”
Statement No. 320:”A Regulatory Blueprint for Mismanaging the Sovereign Debt Crisis”
Statement No. 319: “The Financial Stability Board’s Methods for Defining Globally Systemic International Banks”
Statement No. 318: “MF Global and the Implications for the Primary Dealer Structure”

September 12 , 2011

Statement No. 317: “The Basel Proposed Rules on Liquidity Regulation and a Suggestion for a Better Approach”
Statement No. 316:”Improving the Regulatory Process and Financial Cost-Benefit Analysis”

May 2 , 2011

Statement No. 315: “Financial Asset Impairment Reserves”
Statement No. 314:”Reforming Credit Rating Organizations Under Dodd-Frank”
Statement No. 313: “The FDIC and Unintended Consequences of Dodd-Frank”
Statement No. 312: “Some Concerns about the FDIC and Federal Reserve System Proposed Rule on Resolution Planning”
Statement No. 311: “Risk-Retention in the Dodd-Frank Act”

February 14 , 2011

Statement No. 310: “The Crises in State and Municipal Pension Funds”
Statement No. 309: “Systemic Risk and Money Market Mutual Funds”
Statement No. 308: “Comment on the Treasury’s White Paper: Reforming the Housing Finance Market”
Statement No. 307: “Qualms about the Basel III Approach to Bank Capital Requirements”
Statement No. 306: “Recent Financial Stability Oversight Council’s Reports on Risk Retention and Proprietary Trading”
Statement No. 305: “Proposed Interagency Rule on Executive Compensation”

December 13, 2010

Statement No. 304: “Beyond Dodd-Frank”
Statement No. 303: “The Case for a Properly Structured Contingent Capital Requirement”
Statement No. 302: “Stress Testing the Fed”
Statement No. 301: “Federal Reserve Lending Programs”
Statement No. 300: “Principles to Guide the Implementation of the Orderly Liquidation Authority Called for Under the Dodd-Frank Act”

September 13, 2010

Statement No. 299: “Regulation of Broker-Dealers and the Dodd-Frank Act”
Statement No. 298: “The Monumental Task Assigned to the Fed”
Statement No. 297: “Proxy Access and the Market for Corporate Control”
Statement No. 296: “Missed Opportunities in the Dodd-Frank Act”
Statement No. 295: “Group of Governors and Heads of Supervision Statement on Capital Standards”

April 26, 2010

Statement No. 294: “Mortgage Backed Securities in the Federal Reserve’s Portfolio”
Statement No. 293: “Derivatives, Clearing and Exchange-Trading”
Statement No. 292: “Resolution and Bailout of Large Complex Financial Institutions”
Statement No. 291: “The FDIC’s Proposal for Setting Insurance Premia of Large Banks”
Statement No. 290: “Strengthening Transparency and Global Reporting Convergence”
Statement No. 289: “Resolving Systemically Important, International Financial Institutions”
Statement No. 288: “Transparency in Federal Reserve Emergency Financial Rescue Programs”

February 22 , 2010

Statement No. 287: “The Equity Markets: One Size Does Not Fit All”
Statement No. 286: “Resolution Regime for Troubled Financial Institutions”
Statement No. 285: “Improving the Transparency of the Cost of Policies that Expand the Financial Safety Net”
Statement No. 284: “Proposed Tax on Large Banks Is Poorly Designed and Premature”

December 14, 2009

Statement No. 283: “Regulation of Executive Compensation”
Statement No. 282: “The Importance of Addressing the Subsidization of Housing GSEs in Financial Reform Legislation”
Statement No. 281: “The Resolution of Large, Complex Financial Institutions”
Statement No. 280: “Reforming the Primary Dealer Structure”
Statement No. 279: “Audit of the Federal Open Market Committee Decisions”

September 14, 2009

Statement No. 278: “A New Consumer Financial Protection Agency”
Statement No. 277: “Reducing Interference with Accounting Standards and Devising Securities to Price Moral Hazard”
Statement No. 276: “Regulatory Initiatives of the Securities and Exchange Commission”
Statement No. 275: “Strenghthening the Resiliency of Money Market Mutual Funds”

May 4, 2009

Statement No. 274: “Reinstatement of Short-Sale Restrictions”
Statement No. 273: “Regulation of Financial Reporting”
Statement No. 272: “Refocusing Financial Rescue Plans”
Statement No. 271: “Monitoring Systematic Risk”

February 9, 2009

Statement No. 270: “Bank Bailouts and Borrower Bailouts”
Statement No. 269: “Restructuring Financial Regulation”
Statement No. 268: “The Need for More Transparency in Discretionary Financial Rescue Programs

December 8, 2008

Statement No. 267: “Regulatory Responses to the Current Crisis Have Undermined the Integrity of Tier 1 Capital and Tier 1 Capital Requirements”
Statement No. 266: “Fair Value Accounting”
Statement No. 265: “Regulation of Credit Rating Organizations”
Statement No. 264: “An Open Letter to President Elect Obama”

September 15 , 2008

Statement No. 263: “The Regulation of Investment Banking”
Statement No. 262: “The Future of the Government- Sponsored Enterprises”
Statement No. 261: “Regulation of Short Selling”

May 5, 2008

Statement No. 260: “Reducing Inappropriate Political Pressure on the Federal Resere Board”
Statement No. 259: “Mortgage Delinquencies and Foreclosures”
Statement No. 258: “If Bear Had Been a Bank”

February 11, 2008

Statement No. 257: “Reliance on Third Party Credit Ratings”
Statement No. 256: “Industrial Loan Company (ILC) Legislation”
Statement No. 255: “Facilitating Mortgage Renogiations: The Policy Issues”
Statement No. 254: “Facilitating FDIC Bank Failure Resolution”

December 10, 2007

Statement No. 253: “Would Basel II Have Helped Prevent the Subprime Turmoil”
Statement No. 252: “Doubts About the Master Liquidity Enhancement Conduit (M-LEC)”
Statement No. 251: “Government Sponsored Enterprises”
Statement No. 250: “Treasury Department’s Mortgage Foreclosure Program”

September 17 , 2007

Statement No. 249: “Financial Turmoil and Implications for Mortgages and Mortgage Related Securities”
Statement No. 248: “Lessons from Basel II from the Recent Financial Turmoil”

May 7, 2007

Statement No. 247: “Limitations on Auditors’ Liability”
Statement No. 246: “Allowing U.S. and EU Corporations to Adopt U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) or International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)”
Statement No. 245: “Subprime Mortgage Lending Remedies and Concerns”
Statement No. 244: “The Usefulness of Hedge Fund Post-Mortems”
Statement No. 243: “The SEC’s Proposed Prohibition of Notching”

February 12, 2007

Statement No. 242: “The Competitiveness of U.S. Securities Markets”
Statement No. 241: “The FDIC’s ILC Moratorium”
Statement No. 240: “The Proposed Merger of Principal U.S. Futures Exchanges”
Statement No. 239: “Facilitating Bank Failure Resolution”

December 4. 2006

Statement No. 238: “Basel II: One-and-a-Half Cheers for the Standardized Approach”
Statement No. 237: “Shareholder Access to Director Elections”
Statement No. 236: “A Financial Agenda for the New Congress”

September 18, 2006

Statement No. 235: “Risks of Bank Concentration in Commercial Real Estate Lending”
Statement No. 234: “Enhancing Competition in the Sale of Stock Market Data”
Statement No. 233: “The FDIC’s Proposed Risk-Based Assessment System”

May 8, 2006

Statement No. 232: “Strengthening the Capital Structure of Federal Home Loan Banks”
Statement No. 231: “Welcome Actions by the Securities and Exchange Commission”
Statement No. 230: “Federal Preemption for Financial Services Firms”

February 13, 2006

Statement No. 229: “Open Letter to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke”
Statement No. 228: “The Disclosure of Soft Dollars by Investment Advisers”
Statement No. 227: “Margin Regulations”
Statement No. 226: “FDIC Replenishing of the Deposit Insurance Fund”

December 5, 2005

Statement No. 225: “SEC Adoption of Communications Advances”
Statement No. 224: “Wal-Mart’s Pending Application to Acquire an Industrial Loan Company”
Statement No. 223: “Whatever Becomes of Basel II, Prompt Corrective Action and the Leverage Ratios Should be Preserved”

September 12, 2005

Statement No. 222: “Open Letter to SEC Chairman Christopher Cox”
Statement No. 221: “The Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 2005 (S. 190)”

May 16, 2005

Statement No. 220: “Deposit Insurance Legislation ”
Statement No. 219: “Evaluating Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act Concerning Internal Controls”
Statement No. 218: “Limiting GSE Portfolios”

February 14, 2005 

Statement No. 217: “Regulation NMS”
Statement No. 216: “Proposed Legislation to Regulate the GSEs”
Statement No. 215: “Sunset the PCAOB”
Statement No. 214: “Expanded FDIC Examination Authority”

December 6, 2004

Statement No. 213: “The Impending Crisis in Defined Benefit Pensions”
Statement No. 212: “The Financial Services Agenda for the Second Bush Administration”
Statement No. 211: “The Insurance Brokerage Scandal”

September 20, 2004

Statement No. 210: “The SEC’s Proposal for Regulating Hedge Funds”
Statement No. 209: “International Accounting Standards”
Statement No. 208: “The Pressing Need for Corporate Pension Reform”

May 24, 2004

Statement No. 207: “The Possible Extension of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act”
Statement No. 206: “Prohibition of Directed Brokerage and Other Abuses by Investment Management Companies”
Statement No. 205: “Regulation NMS and Securities Market Structure”

February 9, 2004

Statement No. 204: “Enabling Institutional Investors to Play a More Effective Role in Corporate Governance”
Statement No. 203: “Toward a Single Transatlantic Market in Financial Services”

September 22, 2003

Statement No. 198: “Taxpayer Exposure to Liabilities of the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation”
Statement No. 197: “The Responsibilities of Financial Professionals and Firms in Recent Financial Scandals”
Statement No. 196: “Legislation on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac”
Statement No. 195: “Predatory Lending and Federal Preemption of State Laws”

May 5, 2003

Statement No. 194: “Removal of Archaic Bank Regulatory Restrictions”
Statement No. 193: “The Latest Revisions to Basel II and Implementation Plans in the United States”
Statement No. 192: “Enforcement Settlement with Wall Street Investment Firms”
Statement No. 191: “The European Union’s Financial Conglomerate Directive”
Statement No. 190: “Access by Institutional Investors to Foreign Electronic Trading Venues”

February 24, 2003

Statement No. 189: “The Registration of Mortgage Backed Securities of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac”
Statement No. 188: “Glass Steagall, Tying and Conflicts of Interest”
Statement No. 187: “The SEC’s Concern with Short Selling”
Statement No. 186: “State and Federal Securities Market Regulation”

December 9, 2002

Statement No. 185: “A Financial Agenda for the New Congress”
Statement No. 184: “Disclosure of Portfolio Holdings of Registered Investment Companies”
Statement No. 183: “SEC Standards for Designating Nationally-Recognized Credit Rating Organizations”

September 23, 2002

Statement No. 182: “A Proposed Federal Backstop for Terrorism Insurance and Reinsurance”
Statement No. 181: “Fannie Mae’s Duration Gap”

May 5, 2002

Statement No. 180: “The Responsibility of Independent Auditors to Shareholders of Publicly Traded Corporations”
Statement No. 179: “The Basel 2 Approach to Bank Operational Risk”
Statement No. 178: “Statement on Shays-Markey Bill on GSE Disclosure”

February 25, 2002

Statement No. 177: “Pension Reform in the Wake of Enron’s Collapse”
Statement No. 176: “Enron and Accounting Issues”
Statement No. 175: “The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act”

December 3, 2001

Statement No. 174: “Deposit Insurance Reform”
Statement No. 173: “Predatory Lending”
Statement No. 172: “Terrorism Insurance”

May 7, 2001

Statement No. 171: “Assuring Discipline of the Housing GSEs”
Statement No. 170: “Optional Federal Chartering of Insurance Companies”

February 26, 2001

Statement No. 169: “The Basel Committee’s Revised Capital Accord Proposal”
Statement No. 168: “Requiring Large Banks to Issue Subordinated Debt”

December 4, 2000

Statement No. 167: “Comptrollers’ Proposed Pilot Program Permitting Increased Lending Limits for Community Banks”
Statement No. 166: “An Open Letter to the New President and Congress on an Agenda for Financial Reform”
Statement No. 165: “Deposit Insurance Reform Options”

September 25, 2000

Statement No. 164: “Privatizing the Housing GSEs”
Statement No. 163: “The Regulation of Derivative Instruments”

May 8, 2000

Statement No. 162: “Increasing Deposit Insurance Coverage to $200,000”
Statement No. 161: “Full Cost Pricing of Supervisory and Examination Services”

March 2, 2000

Statement No. 160: “Reforming Bank Capital Regulation”

December 13, 1999

Statement No. 159: “Federal Home Loan Banks”
Statement No. 158: “Proposed Federal Catastrophe Reinsurance”

September 27, 1999

Statement No. 157: “The Failures of BestBank and First National Bank of Keystone”
Statement No. 156: “The Basle Committee’s New Capital Adequacy Framework”

April 26, 1999

Statement No. 155: “The Latest Round of Bills on Financial Modernization”
Statement No. 154: “Revising the Basle Capital Standards”

December 7, 1998

Statement No. 153: “The Federal Reserve Board and Prudential Supervision”
Statement No. 152: “The G7’s New Precautionary Credit Line Facility for the IMF and its Use in Brazil”

September 28, 1998

Statement No. 151: “The Issues Posed by the Near-Collapse of Long-Term Capital Management”
Statement No. 150: “The Senate’s Version of H.R.10”
Statement No. 149: “The Use of Private Credit Ratings for Determining Capital Requirements for Securitization”
Statement No. 148: “Principles for Reforming the ‘Global Financial Architecture'”

May 4, 1998

Statement No. 147: “Mergers and Acquisitions in the Banking Industry”
Statement No. 146: “The Credit Union Membership Access Act, H.R. 1151”
Statement No. 145: “International Monetary Fund Assistance and International Crises”
Statement No. 144: “Expanded Powers for Federal Home Loan Banks”

December 7, 1997

Statement No. 143: “Sweep Accounts and the Prohibition on Paying Interest on Reserve Balances and Demand Deposits”
Statement No. 142: “Congress and Financial Reform”
Statement No. 141: “Strategic Plans of Federal Financial Institution Regulatory Agencies”

September 22, 1997

Statement No. 140: “Mortgage Lending by Federal Home Loan Banks”
Statement No. 139: “H.R. 10 (“Leach Bill”) and the Commerce Subcommittee Draft”

May 5, 1997

Statement No. 138: “Restrictions on Banking-Commerce Affiliations”
Statement No. 137: “Bank Activities and the Extension of Bank Subsidies”

December 9, 1996

Statement No. 136: “Recent Fed and OCC Rulings on Permissible Bank Activities”
Statement No. 135: “An Open Letter to President Clinton on Financial Reform”

May 6, 1996

Statement No. 134: “A Proposal for Privatization of the Federal Home Loan Bank System”
Statement No. 133: “Proposed Legislation on Enterprise Resource Banks (The “Baker Bill”, H.R. 3167)”
Statement No. 132: “Disclosure of Examination Reports and Ratings”

February 12, 1996

Statement No. 131: “Extending the Credit Reform Act to GSEs”
Statement No. 130: “Expansion of Bank Powers by Regulation”

December 11, 1995

Statement No. 129: “Ownership of Stock by Bank Directors”
Statement No. 128: “Bank Merger Law and Policy”
Statement No. 127: “Reduction in Premiums for BIF-Insured Institutions”
Statement No. 126: “Values of Bank Capital Tripwires for Prompt Corrective Action and Least Cost Resolution”

September 18, 1995

Statement No. 125: “Alternatives to Recapitalizing the Savings Association Insurance Fund and Defeasing the FICO Bonds”
Statement No. 124: “The Banking Agencies’ Proposed Interest Rate Risk Capital Standards”

May 22, 1995

Statement No. 123: “Alternatives to Recapitalizing the Savings Association Insurance Fund”
Statement No. 122: “Federal Reserve Proposal for Pricing Daylight Overdrafts”
Statement No. 121: “Proposed Amendments to Part 5 of the Regulations of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency”
Statement No. 120: “The Leach Bill”
Statement No. 119: “Wholesale Banking Proposal Under H.R. 1062”
Statement No. 118: “Principles of Bank Reform-Guidelines fir Assessing Pending Legislative Proposals”

February 13, 1995

Statement No. 117: “Emergency Assistance for Mexico”
Statement No. 116: “Open Letter on Financial Reform to the Senate and House Banking Committees”

December 12, 1994

Statement No. 115: “Repeal of the Bank Holding Company Act and Restrictions on Product Diversification for Banking Organizations”
Statement No. 114: “FDIC Insurance Assessments”
Statement No. 113: “Proposed Community Reinvestment Act Regulations”
Statement No. 112: “Regulatory Agency Measurement of Bank Capital for Prompt Corrective Action”

September 26, 1994

Statement No. 111: “Riegle-Neal Interstate Banking and Branching Efficiency Act of 1994”
Statement No. 110: “Final Rules on Incorporating Concentrations of Credit Risks Into Risk-Based Capital Standards”

May 23, 1994

Statement No. 109: “Financial Accounting Standard 1.1.5”
Statement No. 108: “Proposed Increases in FHA Insurance Limits”
Statement No. 107: “Federal Displacement of State Laws: Fair Credit Reporting and Interstate Branching”
Statement No. 106: “Proposed Lengthening of Examination Schedules and Required Independent Audits for Thrift Institutions”

February 14, 1994

Statement No. 105: “Proposed Revisions to Community Reinvestment Regulations”
Statement No. 104: “Mutual to Stock Conversions of Thrift Institutions”
Statement No. 103: “Principles of Regulatory Restructuring”