2015 Working Papers – Archived

Model Risk and the Great Financial Crisis: The Rise of Modern Model Risk Management
JJeffrey A. Brown, Brad McGourty and Til Schuermann – January 2015

Capital Controls and the Cost of Debt
Eugenia Andreasen, Martin Schindler, Patricio Valenzuela – January 2015

Designing guarantee options in defi ned contributions pension plans
Andrea Consiglio, Michele Tumminello & Stavros A. Zenios – February 2015

Depositor discipline during good and bad times: The role of the guarantor of last resort
Krzysztof Jackowicz, Oskar Kowalewski and Łukasz Kozłowski – February 2015

The Institutions of Federal Reserve Independence
Peter Conti-Brown – April 2015

Financial Openness, Domestic Financial Development and Credit Ratings
Eugenia Andreasen, Patricio Valenzuela – June 2015

Why Do Firms Engage in Selective Hedging? Evidence from the Gold Mining Industry
Tim R. Adam, Chitru S. Fernando, Jesus M. Salas – June 2015

The Causal Effect of Option Pay on Corporate Risk Management
Tor-Erik Bakke, Hamed Mahmudi, Chitru S. Fernando, and Jesus M. Salas – June 2015

Prestige without Purpose? Reputation, Differentiation, and Pricing in U.S. Equity Underwriting
Chitru S. Fernando, Vladimir A. Gatchev, Anthony D. May and William L. Megginson – June 2015

Corporate Structures, Transparency and Resolvability of Global Systemically Important Banks
Jacopo Carmassi & Richard J. Herring – June 2015

Stress Testing Convergence
German Gutierrez Gallardo, Til Schuermann & Michael Duane – July 2015

Inequality and Private Credit
Ronald Fischer, Diego Huertab and Patricio Valenzuela – August 2015

The case for contingent convertible debt for sovereigns
Andrea Consiglio and Stavros A. Zenios – November 2015

German Landesbanks in the post-guarantee reality
Matej Senkarcin – December 2015